Red, Blue and Green Diamond

Red and pink diamonds

red diamond is the most expensive color in the fancy diamonds, small pink diamond with low clarity, if it’s fancy intense degree, one carat assess up to 400 thousand dollars. Red diamond is different with yellow diamond, there are no other causes from outside, such as nitrogen, but itself in the form of lattice distortion produced in the process, the sun through it and cause which become red. The pink diamond is very rare and diamond particles are generally small, from pink to red through the sun light, so the red diamond is more rare and precious, the price of a 1.57 carat red diamond may reach to 5 million dollars. Pink color mixture is complex, pink mix was reddish brown, but which is not natural red, some have a plenty of mixing the orange, the price of this color is much cheaper than red diamond, so there is no investment value, but which is colorful and good-looking. About ninety percent of the world’s red and pink diamond from Western Australia – the Argyle Mine, most is small particles, Argyle average weight in 1 carat pink diamond. Mining area annual output is about 50 carat pink diamonds, which accounting for 0.0001% of the total diamond production. Pink diamond is widely loved due to their rare treasure. Argyle has his pink stones bidding meeting every year. Although Argyle diamond mining area is the main production of pink diamond, but today the largest well known pink diamond, some of the most famous in the world are mined in other areas. Existing largest pink diamond is found in southern India.

pink diamond ring

Blue diamond

Because of absorb the trace boron element in the process the blue diamond, and turn into the sky blue color, the high clarity blue diamond can conduct electricity, so which is very suitable for industrial use. Looking for a vivid level blue diamond is relatively easy, not as rare as pink diamond. But find a beautiful blue diamond is difficult, because it is easy to slant gray color. The world’s largest flawless blue diamond’s which is 13.22 carat, the pear-shaped blue diamond was estimate of $21 million to $25 million.

Green diamond

Green diamond is very rare, each layer by natural radiation caused by change of lattice structure in the diamond. There was a story said that a diamond cutter, came to a mine bought a green stone, after come back want to cut it into a lot of green diamond to sell, he didn’t think the cut into the white, originally this diamond just received radiation surface, they didn’t turn green, and lost a lot of money. So green diamond is so expensive, the first is that it’s rare, the second is a high risk, and consumers to buy the money are to compensate the risk of dealer.

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