Fancy diamonds

Fancy color diamond is the diamond with different colors, the value of fancy diamond is much more expensive than colorless diamond, because of the colorful gem is very beautiful and extremely rare in the world. As one of the famous gem associations, GIA established the 4 Cs standards: Clarity, Cut, Color and Carat.
fancy-yellow-diamond-gradingAppraisal institutions are more likely take the color as first consideration for fancy diamonds, and the diamond color can only be named as fancy below Z, for yellow diamond, Although yellow color is the most common color in fancy, but the diamonds that reach vivid yellow also very rare, according to the American association of gem report, there is no more than five percent fancy vivid yellow in the yellow diamonds. The color degree from low to high is fancy light yellow, fancy yellow, fancy intense yellow, fancy deep yellow and fancy vivid yellow. The other color diamonds can be done in the same manner:

The blue diamond color grading:

Fait Blue
Light Blue
Fancy Light Blue
Fancy Blue
Fancy Intense Blue
Fancy Deep Blue
Fancy Vivid Blue

The pink diamond color grading:

Fait Pink
Light Pink
Fancy Light Pink
Fancy Pink
Fancy Intense Pink
Fancy Deep Pink
Fancy Vivid Pink

Because there is nitrogen which led to yellow color, as we all know, diamonds are carbon element, however, it is a very high density carbon crystal, add some nitrogen in the process, then colorless diamond becomes fancy yellow diamond, yellow diamond is the entry-level inside fancy diamonds, which not only color beautiful but also affordable for many people.


The fancy deep and fancy dark is mixed with other colors in the yellow, but which is not pure yellow, and is like add a drop of coffee in a cup of orange juice, the color of it will thicken, but it is no longer pure, the price fancy deep and fancy dark will be cheaper than fancy vivid.

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