Leibish & Company Sapphire Jewelry

Sapphire is one kind of corundum gems, the color of sapphire can be blue, pink, yellow, green, white, even has a variety of colors in one gemstone, as we all known, sapphire is the symbol of loyalty and kindness, so sapphire jewelry is very popular in the world. What is the color that can give you a sense of security? Most people believe in the answer is blue, compare with blue, some people think that white is too pale, black is too tarnish, but blue can bring the feeling of steady and reliable. After all, the sky and the sea also is blue color, even the earth we living from outer space to see is beautiful dark blue sphere, in order to fully understand the sapphire information, Leibish review introduce the sapphire’s images, price and knowledge for you.


Sapphire comes from the Latin word Spphins, which is meaning the blue color, belongs to the mineral corundum family and trigonal system. Sapphire has long been used as a gem, is an ancient gemstone jewelry, its application history has reached thousands of years, the long history and value of the precious gem make sapphire is rated as one of the four precious gemstones by the international jewelry industry, it is an important part of ancient royal jewelry, many world’s famous jewelry is inlayed with sapphires. In the corundum family, apart from red ruby in the nature, the other colors such as blue, light blue, green, yellow, gray, colorless, etc, are referred to as a sapphire.

Israel’s Leibish & company is an enterprise specializing in color diamonds and rare gemstones, during the annual Valentine’s Day, the company’s diamond and sapphire jewelry will usher in a wave of sales peak,

Everyone should knows that the sea star in RMS Titanic, which is a heart-shaped sapphire, that is a really beautiful superb blue stone, How much of one carat sapphire?  The price of natural sapphire has been soaring recently, and which has been more than the value of pure gold. But the sapphire identification is more difficult than diamonds, how to buy the real natural sapphire?


Sapphire is the birthstone of September, as well as five years, traditional 45 years anniversary gifts stone. The same with diamond, the bigger sapphire the higher of the price, because the bigger sapphire is rare, so a carat sapphire price is more expensive. Level of excellent 5 carat sapphire, its value will be more than diamond. The overall weight, the bigger of the sapphire, the higher of the price, and one carat sapphire price is already very high.

All the colored gems from Leibish & Co. are handpicked by the gemstone experts, Leibish & Co. set a very strict assessment system for select gems, every gem must accord with the system on each standard, and it will be sell to the customer finally.

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