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Leibish company was founded in 1979 by Leibish Polnauer, the head office of Leibish & Co. is locate in Israel diamond exchange 21 Tuval St. Yahalom Bldg., Suites 674-677 Ramat Gan, Leibish is also has branch offices in Belgium, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, New York, Taiwan, Shanghai, Mumbai, Beijing and Shenzhen, etc. As the leading company of fancy color diamonds in the world, Leibish can customize color diamond jewelry as customer’s requirement, which can also design and manufacture classic and luxury series (sunflower, canary, lilies toujours, cocoa, etc.) depend on the natural color of the diamonds for customers, with excellent workmanship and good quality, the super one to one customer service and consulting, make the company became more and more perfect as time goes by, keep high quality and authenticity of each natural color diamond is Leibish company’s business card. Leibish & Co. is a manufacturer integrating research, development, design, manufacturing and sales, all the diamond jewelry from Leibish & Co. is made of natural colored diamonds, which offers a wide range of colorful series including pink, red, green, yellow, blue, orange, gray, purple, black, violet, argyle, chameleon and champagne. Leibish & Co. not only sells loose colored diamonds, but also in the field of rare gemstones and color diamond jewelry, such as ruby, emerald and sapphires high-end jewelry.

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Leibish & Co Diamond Advantages

  • Unconditionally refund in thirty days
  • All conflict free diamonds and gemstone
  • International free shipping
  • We purchase logistics insurance for every order
  • Free professional evaluation
  • Natural diamond guarantee
  • Exquisite packaging
  • Many setting species, such as halo, solitaire, etc
  • Don’t worry about your personal information will be leaked, because Leibish’s payment page have been using WEB security configuration and 128 – bit SSL encryption, which is the most advanced encryption technology at present

In order to certify the authenticity and quality of each diamond, Leibish & Company provides GIA appraisal certificate for every color loose diamond, in order to make Leibish’s customers feel safe and comfortable, the diamond jewellery from Leibish & Co. must strictly and accurately proofreading diamond color, carat weight and clarity grading. Leibish Company listens to the needs of customers carefully, and helping them designs the jewellery that meets customer’s requiement. Colored diamond is to be considered as a stone that is being gifted by your loved ones on your wedding day. Even your hubby can arrange a surprise for you by gifting a beautiful fancy diamond ring on your wedding day, which may be the most memorable gift you have ever got. But shopping for a beautiful colored diamond ring can bring you hasty experiences as you would not be able to compare the size and color ratings for the diamonds you desire along with the specific price tags, even after visiting a long list of jewelers. Also, problem may occur when you try to buy a brand new fancy diamond engagement ring from the diamond merchants or the jewelers, because it may seem to you that all the designs are pretty much same from the looking aspect. Then the only option remains is to plan for a custom diamond engagement ring which will be designed as per your requirement and desire, with the ultimate uniqueness signified for it.


As the member of the Israel Diamond Association and the International Association of Colored Diamond, the company take part in many exhibition such as Argyle pink diamond bidding meeting, all assessment reports signed by GIA gemstones experts, so all the colored diamonds are quality guaranteed. Leibish & Co. promises the must include information of a diamond as follows:

Fancy Color Diamond Grading Certificate

  • The valuation retail price
  • The carat weight, color and clarity of the gem
  • The shape of the gemstone, such as heart-shaped, pear-shaped, princess-cut, radiant cut, emerald-cut, round shape, marquise-cut, asscher-cut, oval-cut, trillion shape, and so on
  • Describe the jewellery completely and accurately
  • Materials of the jewellery setting, such as platinum, 14K gold, etc

You can create your own colored diamond engagement ring risk free at Leibish, the famous fancy color diamond and rare gemstones team is located in Ramat Gan of Israel, and there are sub offices in USA, Belgium, China and Hong Kong.

Leibish – The colored diamonds engagement ring expert

All the color diamonds are mined in Australia, Africa, India and Russia, which all legal and international confirmed, only a handful of gems can be included in the column of Leibish’s treasures, and each gemstone is carefully selected by the experts, Leibish Polnauer has more than 50 years rich experience in color diamond field, and Shmulik Polnauer, the famous gemologist graduated from Gemological Institute of America, they all believe in that the design should following the heart, every diamond from Leibish & Co. is provide with accurate product description, which is consisted of detailed actual 3d video and images. Moreover, Leibish & Co. official website is available in Australia, English, Deutsch, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

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Depending on the size and the fittings which will match your colored diamond most, is also conveyed upon your choice, while you will have to provide pictures on the design that you require to the jeweler. But, at first, make it sure that the jeweler that you choose has the capability to fulfill your requirement and understands your needs regarding the design aspects of the colored diamond engagement ring. Picking up an old diamond from your some other old jeweler and creating the design based upon it may be another option for custom diamond engagement ring procurements.

Because of the super satisfaction guaranteed and 30 days free returns policy, Leibish has become one of the top fancy diamonds jewelry and rare gemstones supplier online, they can make the gems and fittings in your choice, custom fancy diamond rings can always be bought, but with the involvement of a little more amount of money. Nevertheless, the happiness of getting a unique colored diamond ring is always better when compared with paying a little bit more money. Custom fancy diamond engagement rings can be ordered to be designed by the renowned jewelers, such as Leibish & Co. which may meet as you just need to provide the information on the design as you desire. Now we introduce the pros of Leibish company for you.

Fancy Diamonds

Why choose Leibish & Co

  • Free Shipping & Easy Returns
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Exquisite Quality & Perfect Fit
  • Transparent Pricing & Good Quality Warranty
  • Responsibly Sourced Gems & Metals
  • Workmanship warranty & 30 days free returns policy
  • Expert Shopping Advice & GIA Certificate
  • Full Insurance & Free Professional Assessment
  • Concierge Service to Countries Other than USA and Canada

In a word, if we are wishing to design the colored diamond engagement ring within our budget and at a lower cost, just choose the natural colored gemstone jewelry from Leibish, as the pioneer in fancy diamond industry, which makes you more beautiful and healthy. Moreover, the package from Leibish was wonderful and beautiful-looking, join the Leibish and company newsletter list and get special offer and coupon code, then start custom our colored diamond wedding ring.

Leibish & Co Diamond Disadvantages

  • Because of every computer display different, Leibish & Co. does not guarantee the display we see is 100% consistent with the entity
  • The delivery time mainly depends on the country, it takes about three to ten business day, so you should better have free time in the next ten days to sign for your expressage.

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Leibish Coupon Code

Hello, I am Jennifer, the author of Leibish & Co diamond review, as one of the customers of Leibish company, it’s my honor to share with you my honest review. All in all, never to buy a fancy diamond before have a visit Leibish Polnauer diamonds. Contact me anytime if you have any question in fancy diamond buying or for more reviews about Leibish fancy diamonds company.

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