Causes of colored diamonds

As we all known, the diamond is resulted from the condition of high pressure and high temperature in the deep earth, and which is compose of carbon elemental crystals, diamond is the symbol of love and commitment. Rather than the colorless diamond, do you know that there are colored diamonds in the world, fancy diamond with its gorgeous color brings the wearer extremely rare seductive beauty, what is the causes of colored diamonds? Let Leibish color diamond review to learn the reasons together with you.


Green color diamond

The forming condition of green diamond is relatively complex and harsh, so the natural green diamond is rare, the diamond formation needs high temperature and high pressure environment, but the natural green diamond generally only after natural radiation without high temperature process, even after natural process of high temperature, the time will be relatively short, because the color of the diamond will be change along with the temperature change, most of the natural green diamond  nitrogen content is higher than other fancy diamonds, most of them color from green to light green, but it is hard to have special bright green color, because the color only on the diamond surface usually, so the vivid green diamond is very expensive.

Blue color diamond

Diamond contains trace elements of boron in the process of formation, and with well electrical conductivity, so present with the sky blue, blue to deep blue color, among them with deep blue is the best. Blue diamond may happen with a gray or black color, if the blue diamond appears green or blue with green color, because contains nitrogen impurities in crystal. Deep blue diamond is a rarity and is extremely rare of them, South Africa’s remier mine is the main origin of blue diamond.

Yellow color diamond

When some carbon atoms are replaced by nitrogen atoms in diamond, the diamond began to absorb blue and purple light, and will present a yellow color. Yellow diamond also referred to as the gold diamond, which is one of the most common color in colored diamonds, usually present a yellow, golden yellow, faint yellow and amber color, golden yellow especially the most precious within them, and which is also known as the canary yellow, fancy vivid is the top grade in yellow color diamonds.

Pink color diamond

The color of the pink diamond is due to the lattice distorted, no matter of light pink or vivid pink, which always easy to make people imagine the romantic love, both fresh elegant quietly and dazzling colorful, so the pink diamond is encapsulated in affection. In 1958, the shah Pahlavi set his crown a giant pink diamond named eyes of light.


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