James Allen review, is james allen a reputable company

Most people have busy schedules and lifestyles today, so the internet is now the preferred choice for those who want to shop quickly and conveniently. When it comes to expensive purchases such as fine engagement ring jewelry, some people are hesitant to shop online. Thanks to James Allen, a popular brand that is selling diamond jewelry on the internet, it is not so scary to buy these items online. Based on the James Allen reviews, this brand has integrity and is known worldwide for offering beautifully crafted jewelry.

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James Allen uses a concept that allows customers to create personalized engagement ring designs on the internet. The whole idea is for you to add your own a personal touch to designs to create unique and inspired pieces. You also get the option to just choose one of the designs on the jamesallen.com site.

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The Internet now makes it easy for millions of persons to view the items on websites at the same time from anywhere in the world. Naturally, this gives online businesses a huge advantage as they are able to market products without much effort to a much larger audience. Are you looking for the coupon code, promo code and discount codes of James Allen diamonds engagement ring company? We will share the special offers with you here.


James Allen have increased the number of loose diamonds on the site to 80k+ and now have a showroom open for customers in NYC. You can check out our site for all of these great additions, since there is no retail store for this brand, you have to place orders online to get your jewelry.

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Most people believe that James Allen is making it safe, hassle-free and secure for persons to buy diamonds online. They provide certificate of authenticity and a warranty period to give customers peace of mind. When you place an order, you can rest assure that you are getting important items such as engagement rings from a trusted brand.

James Allen’s corporate office is located in New York, and the customer service center is located in Frederick, Maryland. Detailed address is:

James Allen Corporate Office:

551 Fifth Avenue, Suite #601

New York, NY 10176

James Allen Customer Service:

605 North Bentz #203
Frederick, MD 21701

The diamond of James Allen are all conflict-free, in other words, the gemstones were not obtained from violence, human rights abuses, environment degradation, child labor. So all the gems of James Allen are clean, they are all produced by the reputable suppliers. We can buy the jewelry through credit card on James Allen, if you want pay with two different credit cards, just place the order with telephone.

James Allen offer free shipping for all the orders, so there is no any concerns for customers, If you’re not satisfied with your jewelry, just have a full refund after send back the diamond ring, if the size of finger is not suitable, James Allen can resizing the ring for 60 days after your purchase, it is worth mentioning that all is free, you just a click of the mouse. There is no extra charge after you purchase the loose diamond and the setting.

James Allen is currently harnessing the power of the internet by advertising jewelry pieces in an attractive fashion in order to catch the attention of viewers. They are definitely using artistically crafted pieces to lure even the most discerning shoppers. However, you should not forget to consider every detail when buying diamond engagement rings and other expensive pieces online.

Is James Allen a Reputable company ?

There are so many online jewelry custom store, such as BN (Blue Nile), Zales, Gemvara and JA (James Allen). After much investigation and research, it must be worth mentioning that Blue Nile and James Allen is the must choose, compared with JA, the diamond of Blue Nile is slightly more expensive, James Allen’s diamonds have AGS (American Gem Societ), IGI (International Gemological Institute) and GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certified. Moreover, James Allen has plenty of engagement ring styles to us.

James allen guarantee

Now back to the question, is James Allen a reputable company? there are wide variety of diamond vendors in the jewelry industry, the answer is yes, the reason is as follows.

James Allen will ship any engagement ring or gemstone to you for free after the order confirmation.

James Allen is a legit company in jewelry filed, you will have a 100% unworn condition refund freely when you are not satisfied with the ring in as long as 30 days.

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There are so many payment options in James Allen, such as personal check, bank transfer, credit card, PayPal, Amazon payment, the flexible financing of James Allen, and so on. Which can help you get the ring that your dreams.

James Allen has a great customer service, we can chat with them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, we can also contact them through email and telephone anywhere in the world.

The most important thing is that James Allen has 360° diamond display technology for every loose diamond, so we can see the clarity, color and sparkle of every diamond more intuitive, as we all known, not every loose diamond sold online is good enough to be shown with such transparency, which shows that the diamonds of JA have a good quality.

real time diamond consultation

James Allen promise the loose diamond that you purchase has lifetime warranty, JA will maintain and repair your jewelry for a lifetime, and the loose diamonds from James Allen have lifetime upgrade.

Although James Allen offers a money back guarantee to assure persons that they are buying diamond jewelry at the right place, there are times when things will happen beyond their control which result in a replacement or refund. So, it’s always a good idea to exercise caution when shopping online.

There are currently many satisfied James Allen customers who have no problems with their products or service. In fact, some believe that this is the brand for exquisitely designed engagement or wedding rings. The ordering process is seamless and purchases are assured of safety. After placing an order, you will get instant confirmation to give you the peace of mind that you want when buying anything online.

Overall, James Allen is offering a service that will allow you to create unique personalized jewelry with diamonds and gemstones. The pieces can be in 14K/18K yellow gold, rose gold, white gold or platinum.

Real Magnified Diamonds in 360 HD

Real time one-on-on diamond consultation with gemstone expert, and we can find the best engagement ring size by virtual ring sizer.

JA website is safety, who is certified by famous antivirus program like bizrate, ivouch, norton and have good review from BBB business. So James Allen is a Reputable jewelry company.

James Allen diamond customer review

My friend Alex bought the loose diamond from James Allen five years ago, first-rate, attractive and reasonable price, It was love at first sight to the loose diamond at that time, he contacted the customer service of James Allen, who provided the ideal scope to my friend, as might have been expected, the diamond was eye clean.

The loose diamond weight was 0.6 carat, with the size of 5.37 – 5.39 x 3.32 mm, the clarity grade was SI1, and color grade was E. What’s surprising was the total visual is excellent, 61.6% depth, 56% table, 36° crown angle, 39.8° pavilion angle, the result is for a symmetrical diamond with a medium girdle and very good polish, and the light return was very good, the fire was excellent, the scintillation was also excellent, the spread or diameter for weight is very good. Thanks to James Allen, who recommend such a good diamond to my friend, so I will choose diamond from JA too.

james allen diamond package

Even though for a piece of loose diamond, James Allen choose the good quality packaging.

Open the external packaging we will find the AGS certificate and commercial invoice, the AGS report can setting the highest standard for diamond grading.

Open the James Allen’s loose diamond small box, you will see the blingbling, look like a ring? No, the clip is not a ring.

The clarity characteristics was feather, crystal and twinning wisp. Cut, polish and symmetry with three excellent, none fluorescence.

loose diamond from james allen

More and more consumers begin to try online shopping now, even buy valuable items like gemstone jewelry, James Allen is a company selling diamond jewelry online, in order to reduce unnecessary spending costs, James Allen don’t open the retail store, so who can have time focus on the quality of the diamond jewelry.

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